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Hey Sheet Heads. If you thought your mom was easy, wait until you try this game.

The team with the most correctly guessed cards after all 4 rounds wins. Each round has different rules. Every card will be reused in each round, so each card will be used 4 it?


Step 1:

Split into teams– ideally 2 teams of 3 to 6 people.

Step 2:

The game should consist of about 45 cards total. To start, everyone gets 10 random cards and places a few of their favorites face down in a pile until there are enough.

     HINT: Don’t share your cards with anyone, even the other players on your team!

     HINT: The number of olives indicates the dirtiness of the card. The more olives, the dirtier it is.

Step 3:

Combine and shuffle all chosen cards from both teams into one pile & put them face down on a table, in a bowl, or in the box. All cards, regardless of who chose them, will be used by both teams.

Step 4:

Choose your least favorite people to keep score and time.


Each Sheet Head gets a 60 second turn to try to get their team to guess as many cards as possible using the rule for that round. Once a card is drawn, it must either be guessed correctly or returned to the pile when time expires. Teams take turns guessing cards – every member of a team should take their turn as Sheet Head before any teammate repeats.

Each of the 4 rounds end after all cards are guessed correctly. To start the next round, reshuffle all the cards and continue in the order you left off.

HINT: If your memory sucks, read the cards aloud after the first round.


Round 1: Sheet Talking

Sheet Heads get their team to guess the card without saying any part of the words on the card.

Do’s: Speaking – Like texting, but with your mouth.

Don’ts: Act, gesture, rhyme, spell, abbreviate, say any part of a word on the card.

Round 2: Be Charade, Be Very Charade!

Sheet Heads get their team to guess the card by acting. This should sound familiar. 

Do’s: Act, Gesture, Point.

Don’ts: Talk, make noises, spell with your hands.

Round 1 Character.png
Round 2 Character.png
Round 3 Character.png

Round 3: The S-Word

Players get their team to guess the card by saying only ONE word. This is more challenging than you Sheet Heads think. 

Do’s: Say ONE word, use different Inflections, use accents.

Don’ts: Say another word, mouth other words, gestures, rhyming, Use a word or part of a word on the card, suck.

Round 4: Sheet Show

The Sheet Head puts a sheet over their head and acts out the clues. 

Do’s: Act out the card under the sheet, you Dumb Sheet.

Don’ts: Talk, come out from under the sheet, make noises.

Round 4 Character.png


The team with the most correctly guessed cards after all 4 rounds wins. We don’t care how you keep score, but tally scoring or collecting correctly guessed cards does the job.


Use one or more of these rules to get experimental.

My Hands are Tied: In Round 1, the Sheet Head must keep their hands behind their back (unless they are drawing a card)

Tag-Team: In Round 2, act with a partner from your team

Umm...Hard: In Round 3, “umm,” “ohhh” and “ah” count as your one word.

Turn the Other Cheeks: In round 1 and 3, the Sheet Head must turn their back to the audience.

Quickie: To reach the climax faster, skip round 4 (great for all you exhibitionists wanting to Spice It Up in public).

Cuckold: Watch the other team get pleasure at your expense. If you finish the round with a card in your hand, the other team gets to take one guess for a point.

Swipe Left: You can return a card to the pile if you're too stupid to get your team to guess it.


If you don’t like a rule, change it. If you find a better way to play, go for it. Honestly, we really don’t give a sheet.

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