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  • Where can I buy the Sheets & Giggles Game™?
    Where all things are bought: Expansions and Print & Play versions are on our website.
  • How long does the game take to play?
    The Sheets & Giggles game normally takes an hour to an hour an a half to finish. Alcohol may affect these results.
  • Is there a quicker way to play the game?
    Sometimes all you have time for is a quickie. Have players select less cards at the beggining or skip round 4. And remember, round 1 takes the longest so stick with it.
  • How do I suggest a card?
    You can submit your bad ideas on the homepage where it says Suggest a Card.
  • Does the Sheets & Giggles game come with a sheet?
    Yes. And the sheet is very soft, so even if you hate the game, it's worth it.
  • Is there a family version of the game?
    Not right now. It doesn't sound as fun to make, but maybe one day.
  • Where is the clitoris?
    The clitoris can be found under the clitoral hood, which is the top part of the labia minora, and above the vaginal opening and urethra.
  • Can I buy the Sheets & Giggles game in any country?
    If you know how to use Amazon's backdoors to buy from different marketplaces. If that sounds complicated, it probably is. You can also buy the Print & Play from our website.
  • Can I buy expansion packs?
    Yes. You can buy a Bag of Dicks from our website. We'll probably make more soon unless no one buys them.
  • Are the cards really that bad?
    Yes. We also rate them so you can easily sort out the worst ones if you like to keep things milder.
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