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We are, more or less, a family company which is based, more or less, out of Texas. We've been playing versions of this game for years and decided it was time to build a family empire, like the Rockefellers, but of crude party games.


The Adventurer


Stephanie thinks she's the best white rapper in the game. She's not. Stephanie just learned Alaska is not an island. She once forgot she had a fish for 6 months, it survived on sheer will.

Favorite Card: Arm Wrestling a T-Rex

The Devil's Advocate


Ryan lives his life like he's several decades older than he is. He enjoys robes, public radio, IRA accounts and can't wait for the day he can yell at kids to get off his damn lawn. He likes the movie Roadhouse on an unhealthy level.

Favorite Card: Runny the Pooh


The Adult


Alex is the mature one of the group. She enjoys wine, red or white... really, any color available. If you don't understand a card, don't worry, neither does she. She's a master eye-roller and her Instagram game is better than yours. 

Favorite Card: Britney's Bald Phase

The Catman


Matt is a master of puns which derails his relationships. He really doesn't want to see another picture of your kids or ones you're related to. Matt likes cats and doesn't care who knows.

Favorite Card: Gardeners in a Turf War


The Momma Bear


Terri might be the mom of the group but she's really just one of the kids. Her alter-ego Scary Terri has unleashed her wrath on waitresses, police officers and Italian merchants. If she throws a party you better have fun, or else...

Favorite Card: Karaoke Filibuster


“Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe.”

-Albert Einstein


“Ich bin ein Berliner.” (Translated to: I am a jelly-filled donut)

-John F. Kennedy


“I'm not sure if any of these quotes are relevant to this game.”

-Person making the website

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